Thursday, April 5, 2012

Liberty University Training Champions or ?

As an LU graduate I cannot believe what I have read and heard over the events of the past few days concerning Mark Driscoll and his invite to speak at LU.

The invite:

How in the world did Driscoll get an invite? His potty mouth in the pulpit and his latest book on marriage which advocates wives doing things to their husbands that are disgusting, along with other perverted things should have been enough to give the leaders that be at LU to pass on Driscoll. Johnnie Moore, please tell me this is all a mistake.

The Theology:

My disgust for this scenerio has nothing to do with his theology. I supported Glenn Beck speaking at Graduation. But this is Convo and Driscoll. I do not care that he is reformed. I care that he is promoting filth!

The Trustees:

Where are they? There are many Godly people serving LU as Trustees. Surely they can do something. Have they read Driscolls book?

Thomas Road Leaders:

Please tell me that you have spoken to Jerry Jr and begged for this to cease!

The Falwell Brothers:

Do you really want your wives being taught marriage specifics as described in Driscolls book? Do you want the young ladies of LU to advocate such in their own marriages? Would you let your children read such a book and put into practice the details contained?

Training Champions for Christ is still the mantra on the web site. But the same web site is defending and promoting the coming event later this month. The mantra and this decision do not fit. Nor do the tweets and emails coming out of LU.

This is one alum who is grieved over what I am seeing and reading. My have times changed. Yet we all know, God has not. Driscoll is dangerous for young people and for marriages. This is NOT the training that Dr. Falwell and all those who started this institution intended nor would have allowed. More yet, this is NOT of God. And that alone should settle it!

I am one graduate looking at my class ring and asking "what in the world has happened!"


LIberty Grad too said...

Seriously? Have you called to ask anyone about this? Or are just doing the same ole gripe without obtaining the facts?

Tim G said...

I have and all is true. I have also read Driscoll and it is filth! He should be canceled!

Danny Eason said...

"his latest book on marriage which advocates wives doing things to their husbands that are disgusting, along with other perverted things"

Can I ask since when healthy sexuality between a husband and a wife inside the proper context of marriage became disgusting and perverted?

At some point, people need to wake up and realize that people are asking these questions and either the Church can answer them or someone else can. But they won't be ignored.

Tim G said...

I do not disagree. However, he goes beyond what is biblical and it is smut!

The church must speak, but we must speak from the sanctity of the marriage bed and not from the filth of the gutter and un-natural!

sad lu alum said...

Let's go beyond the book to his sermons. I have labeled his misogynistic crudity from the pulpit as "Adults Only" sermons. They tend to be sexually charged, sometimes explicit, and frankly, something I would never allow my teenage daughter to hear. I listened to some of the sermons available on the church website and my husband wanted to know if he was preaching from the "Book of Playboy" or the "Book of Hustler". There are times and places for the types of discussions available on the website, and those should be private counseling sessions between the pastor, his wife and the couple involved. I can go on to his advocating alcohol use from the pulpit (in direct conflict with Liberty's views) but that would just be piling on. It seems my alma mater has lost its theological base. Sad day!

hariette petersen a.k.a. SelahV said...

Tim, "someone else" has 'answered these questions'. Hugh Hefner....and he ought to know, how many times has he been married?