Sunday, October 16, 2011

Remember Nehemiah?

Living in these prophetic times we often fail the remember the vast truth found in Gods Word. Truth given specifically to encourage and focus us as we seek to live in obedience to God as individuals and His church. In our failing to remember we fall subject to the traps of Satan. Ironically, Satan continues to do the same old things even today.

With the wall near completion and God clearly working a miracle, a few decided to see if they could distract the workers and stop the project. Fear, lies, and threats were used. Nehemiah had warned the people of such and yet when the attacks came some of the people still listened. The warning was heard but soon forgotten just as we find occurring today in so many places of worship.


Satan loves to play with our emotions. The simple deception of Satan is powerful in the moment. It shakes us. Fear and despair set in quickly. We should remember but often don't. We should know but usually we forget.

A lady shared with me a story this past week that spoke so clearly to this truth. As banks were beginning to roll out their new fees she and her husband were beginning to panic about money. There accounts would be hit with monthly fees and of course the debit card fee. It was not major but the news triggered emotions from out of the nowhere. They had just made a decision to support their church in a huge endeavor and then WHAM - Satan went to work. Doubts began to build and fear was running wild. Negativity set in along with doom and gloom. A simple bank action had sparked forgetting God and losing sight of His vision.

But her story reminds me of Nehemiah. Her husband, of a different faith practice even, held firm and trusted. In the process of re-arranging their bank accounts to avoid the fees they discovered a refinance was available to them. One that they had not even desired nor thought they could get. Suddenly their fear was gone! Out of nowhere God had used the banks to not only get their attention but also to furnish more than required for them to meet their commitment to what God was doing. Tears filled the eyes of this lady as she recalled what God had done with her doubt and fears.

Nehemiah reminded His people when Satan attacked to hold firm. He reiterated to them that God would provide just as He had already done. The people had gotten to the point of even saying they were willing to go back to Egypt and leave the will of God. Nehemiah said NO and God sparked the people to finish the wall in an even more remarkable and smart fashion.

Nehemiah was just a cup bearer. He remembered. The ladies husband remembered. God full-filled His plan in both situations just as He will do for you!

We would do well to remember Nehemiah and not get distracted from the plans that God has for us!

Until next time...Don't Get Distracted!