Thursday, February 21, 2013

But I want more...!

Growing up I shared a room with my two brothers.  In our closet was a built in box that stored our toys.  It was always full.  In fact, it was so full that I cannot remember one toy from that box that I played with.  I do remember the toys that I played with daily (tonka trucks, fire engines, baseball glove, balls, and bats) for they were kept in close proximity under my bed.  I needed them handy and thus avoided them ever getting into THE BOX!  So what was in the box?


But why were they kept in the box?  They were played with a few times upon receiving them but that was about it.  Most of you can recall similar items from your childhood and maybe even items today.  We want and want some more.  We seldom ever interact with the wants that we get.  But the wants continue.  At some point, the madness has to end.  Common sense has to enter the scene and discipline must be exercised.  Without such, our wants stack up and eventually cover us up.

The America of today is in this "want" approach to life.  Not only do we see this in our Federal Government but we also see it in just about every aspect of society - church included.  Some call it the Nanny State.  Others think it is only a Government problem.  I see it as more!

It is hard pressed to find anyone these days who understands that "wanting" and "getting" can be dangerous.  Go beyond this to the understanding that nothing is free!  What?  Nothing is free?  True indeed.  Somebody somewhere has to pay for our wants and what we get.  But we do not like this at all.  We would rather take an approach that just thinks its free or that those with money are obligated to give some of that money to us.  It's not fair that they have money and we don't.  It's not fair that I cannot get what I want and others can.  Surely we all agree that if everyone pitched in, all will get their wants?  Right?


History cannot reveal a single society, church, or social setting where this mentality actually works.  Not even in the Bible do you find this type of teaching.  It does not exist.  So we are left wondering where did this thought originate?  Are we really so ignorant of basic economics that we think we can change what history and common sense clearly teach?

Ask anyone in ministry today and they will tell you that even Christians "want" while wanting NOT to "give".  It is becoming more difficult to find people willing to serve.  Yet their wants are expected to be met.  No accountability rules the day in many churches.  A simple "don't ask me to do" and "I am not going to give" are producing the same climate in churches that exists in most of society.

What will it take to reverse the course?

Some think that tragedy or hardship will awaken Americans and American Christians.  I have my doubts.  This one thing I do know - with everyone taking and few giving and willing to work, the current national scenario will implode quickly.  We cannot sustain an economy, life, or culture built on everyone getting what they want and no one working.  We can take all we want from those who have worked hard for their money, but it will not meet 1% of the wants that we demand.

My oldest son posted a picture to his Facebook page today that said the following:

"You will always only be a spectator until you are willing to risk blood, sweat, and dirt!" 

Maybe I will re-write it this way:  "If everyone only wants and takes, where will we take it from?"

The Bible says it this way: II Th 3:10 "...If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. (NKJ)

What is sad to me is that we Christians should be leading the way in living out the example and yet, as I mentioned above, we are living the problem instead.  Churches that are to be setting the standard are actually magnifying the problem.  How?  We are raising a new generation of children who approach church with the "nanny state" mentality.

But I want more...  :)