Saturday, December 20, 2014

All Americans Must Decry Inciting of Police Killings

I set down in my office to do my normal Saturday evening sermon go over and prayer time. Suddenly alerts began popping up on my phone. Two police officers shot and killed execution style in New York. The disgust boiled over immediately. Words left me. My heart sunk for these officers families and for us as a nation.

What I am writing tonight has been on my heart for some time. I have withheld for concern that I might be misunderstood. But tonight it was clear, it is time many of us who know better speak up and stand up loud and clear.

The Al Sharpton's of this world are out to destroy lives while building their own bank accounts and narcissistic egos. They do not care about race. They do not care about innocent lives who have to pay the price for their gain. They are disgusting human beings. And it is time we let them know there day has come and gone.

The current climate in America is more than dangerous. Our President capitulates to a ruthless dictator.  Our Attorney General (chief law enforcement officer) plays the race card over and over. We have Elected officials in all levels of Government challenging law enforcement as if they are all to blame for the actions of thugs and criminals.

The Christian world does not escape blame. Lately the rhetoric flows from many evangelical circles that somehow this is all our fault. The inequalities of people are more than unfortunate. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ doe not in any shape or form dictate that we Christians should or can correct this. It does speak loud and clear for every Christian to live as Christ. We should live right with all men regardless of race or ethnicity. Coddling criminals and thinking we can somehow apologize for the actions of others is useless.  We can live right. And that is where our focus needs to be. We need to love all. And yet we must strongly condemn lawlessness regardless of race.

Every church I have Pastored has been multiracial including my ministry now. Our people are actually sharing a building with two other churches, both multiracial, while we relocate. We have had zero issues. Why, we live right and love all people.  It is not complicated. It does not require a summit or initiative.

The inciting of the race issue in this country is one of the greatest manipulations America has ever seen. And more than tragic is the price our law enforcement officers are paying. The ones who wake up everyday and go out and deal with the ugliest of ugly are being sacrificed for someones social engineering experiment. That is beyond disgusting. I have had enough. Have you?

We do not have to stand by and allow this garbage. I call on every American citizen to do something NOW! Stand with your law enforcement community. Respect them. Stand up to the discord sowers. Call them what they are. They are cowards seeking monetary gain. They do not care for the blacks, yellows, browns, or whites. They care only for themselves. Just like the bully on the playground, it only takes a few and they will turn, run, and hide!

Will you stand! Enough is enough!  Pray for all law enforcement officials. Thank them! Get behind them! Stand with them!

It is time for action - NOW!