Friday, May 21, 2010

Coming Soon!

After several months of being "off the air" I am happy to announce that the Winning Truth Broadcast will once again begin airing the week of May 24TH with new messages. The broadcast will be available in podcast form and for download. Links will be provided next week. This blog will share insights into the broadcasts with discussion points from the messages. The current plan calls for one broadcast per week and an occasional Special Interest Broadcast from time to time dealing with Hot Topics of our day and particular issues that American Christianity is dealing with.

We pray that these broadcasts are a blessing to you. I look forward to interaction on the subject matter as we discuss and grow together. Time is running short. The return of our Lord is soon though NO person knows the exact time. We must do all we can in these days to reach as many people as possible with the only Winning Truth - the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

See you next week!

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