Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why the change?

I announced several weeks ago that I was about to make some major changes to my blogging. The following are some thoughts that have driven this change. I love the use of media. In the early 90's I began using all types of media in worship services. From television to radio and now the internet, the paths for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and assisting each other in their daily walk are numerous.

Blogging has become a strange world. Though I love many aspects of it, some of blogging makes my stomach turn. It is these things that have drawn me back to my true purpose for living and my guiding parameters for all I do. Spending time arguing with people who just want to argue will not lead others to Christ. Seldom do these arguments change much of anything. That in and of itself makes for a huge waste of time and sin.

A new pattern is emerging with blogging. Agenda driven attacks are becoming the norm. These attacks are rooted in aggressive Reformed camps who have taken upon themselves to "clean up" churches all across the land and spread the New Covenant Theology as fast as they can. Beyond the attacks are the simple facts that most of these bloggers are young and inexperienced Pastors or lay people who have much bitterness and hatred aimed at Pastors and aggressive/faithful Evangelistic ministries. The move is on to derail these ministries in the internet world and thus scar reputations and character. Mind you that none of the attackers have much credibility if any to begin with and then note that often their so called evidence is hearsay gossip driven by a few spin masters driving the show.

We as Christians can and must do better than this. I will no longer get involved in the garbage and division being spread by those who have little desire to spread the Gospel to the lost and hurting of this world. Our time here on earth is quickly coming to an end. Our focus cannot waver from the mission assigned by our Lord - to reach the world with the Gospel.

I pray you will find this blog as an asset to your daily walk with Christ and that people from all over the world will read and experience the only salvation offered to man through Jesus Christ. Jesus died so that all would have the opportunity to experience this salvation. May we pray that many will receive.

I like change! Especially the change that Jesus makes in one's life!

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