Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Mosque and a tale

It appears that the issue over building the Mosque close to ground zero in New York is not going away soon. Even our President has jumped into the discussion and debate. This story is really a tale of just how far America has fallen. Allow me to explain.

The Mosque is NOT the issue!
Anyone who claims the great American heritage of this country should know that in America there is and should be freedom OF religion. Thus building the Mosque is NOT the issue. Islam should be granted the same rights as any other religion to practice freely in our society. To say otherwise is to trample on the very freedom that we say we are defending.

Sensitivity IS the issue!
With freedom comes a great principle - we must be sensitive to and towards others. Our freedoms end where another persons begins. This is a principle that is being lost today. We are told as Christians to be sensitive towards others. What about others being sensitive towards us? What about the lives of those lost on 9-11? What about their families? Sensitivity should tell each of us that the building of such facility close to the zero point is NOT best nor right. But this sensitivity can only come from a grasping of the Word of God.

Yes, in America today sensitivity only appears to work one way. Not to mention the very man who is leading the charge to build. His antics and CRAZY statements about America only heat up the whole scenario. And then to realize that this is quickly becoming a political tool - it ain't pretty! But what really is taking place?

As Christians I think it highlights our need to know and understand what we stand for and how that plays out in the world. I think we need to be protectors of the very freedoms we deserve and demand. Even if this means protection of the right to build a Mosque. But I also think we need to be keen to the reality that the world is not fair. Our apathy in voting Biblical values is coming home in a loud roar. Our willingness to trade the pursuit of God for the pursuit of money is costing us big time. People do not do what is right much of the time. And though we can claim sensitivity, I wonder where in the world do we expect those without it to get it?

I pray common sense will prevail somehow in this situation. But I also pray that we American Christians will realize quickly that we need to get serious about reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living the reality of His Work and Holiness in our daily lives. We cannot expect anything but more of the same when we continue to take for granted the freedoms we have and fail to live our lives passionately serving Him in that freedom.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Ours is a tale of what we ignored while others of more passion continue to seek what we have! They are willing to fight for it and they live it. We do anything but live it!

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