Sunday, September 5, 2010

Times R Changing

From weather to finances, church to education, change is in the air. Change is not always bad nor is it always good. Organizations that experience change will often promote the new way as "the best" way. Only problem is they said the same thing last time change was promoted.

Personally there is a sense that some of the change we see coming these days deals with where we are on Gods timetable and the return of Christ. This is true when see the changes occurring around the world and even here at home in politics. But more important to me is the change that is taking place in REAL Christianity compared to the "form" of that has been so prevalent over the past few decades.

What change are you seeing in your life? What changes are you seeing in the hearts of people around you? Embracing Gods change of the heart and life is one that should excite us. Either we will be part of Gods final push or we will be part of the great falling away. There is NO middle ground. Change will be found in every life.

Are you changing for the better? Take a long look and listen to the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit. He longs to change us. He longs to bring about His will in our lives for His glory.

Is your life changing?

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