Friday, October 15, 2010

The Danger of Organized Religion

For the past couple of weeks I have heard the phrase "organized religion" used in a derogatory way more than 20 times at the least. The use of the term is always in a negative sense. The more I have thought about this phrase and the negative use of it, the more I have come to realize just how misleading and misunderstanding the use is.


There is no such thing as organized religion. The Biblical definition of religion is found in the simple phrase "visit the widows and orphans in their time of need..."- James 1: 27 Why this phrase ignores this may explain much about the person using it and the intent to discredit the authority of Churches in their lives than it serves as an indictment of churches. The use also implies that some organization has done something to the person or at a minimum left a bad taste in their mouth.


Since we know that the phrase is NOT an accurate description of biblical churches, we must look at the lack of understanding that many have concerning the role of churches and the people that are actually a church.


People make up the church. It is people who either do the will of God or go against the will of God. Sometimes those people do go against the Word of God and the Will of God as an organized body. But it still comes down to people.


What is needed now more than ever is for people who claim Jesus as Lord of their life to actually lived surrendered to His Will. The following questions may assist us in living out the greatest need of our day:

1. What would Jesus do?
2. Is my life clean before the Lord?
3. Do I base right and wrong on my opinions and preferences or ...?
4. Do I base right and wrong solely on the Word of God?
5. Do my actions cause people to stumble?
6. Is Christ being lived out in all I think, say and do?
7. Am I being honest with God?

The above will help all of us to put an end to the confusion of those who do not understand and lead us to reach the lost in our world! Can we try it together?

More thoughts later!

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