Saturday, January 15, 2011

Which Bible - Paper or Electronic?

I have noticed in traveling and in my local church more use of electronic Bibles during small groups and corporate times. From phones to iPads I am seeing more people reaching for their chosen gadget during preaching and teaching times. It has got me to thinking. As we move forward in the arena of electronics and we grow in using them, how will this play out in the church?

First, is the increase of electronic Bibles seen by you in your church? Do you use technology in your teaching and preaching? Is there a limit? Why?

Second, is something lost when students in a small group make use of their electronic gizmos instead of a paper Bible? Why?

Now before we jump to answers I think it is important for those answering to also share their own use of electronic Bibles in their personal and study life. I for one use both electronic and paper. I have noticed that with the iPhone and iPad, I am using more electronic than I ever dreamed or thought I would. I love it in studying and being able to keep my place with all open sources. I use Logos. I use power points etc. in services.

But the whole scenario has got me to thinking.

I preach and teach out of a paper Bible. This is my preferred form. I have used my iPhone on occasion for chapel type services. I used a Palm several years ago - it was NOT as easy as my iPhone. I plan on doing some teaching from my iPad in the near future and actually will use it when conducting a "stump the preacher" time of questions - it will help me!

Lately though I have been pondering the positives and the negatives to the increased use of electronic Bibles as the norm in church. In my small group of couples under the age of 40 (for the most part) I have noticed this increase lately. Nothing occurred that highlighted it. It is just the way my mind works and has really got me to thinking.

So, I thought I would ask here and see what others are thinking or if they even have thought about this use of the Bible. Are you seeing the same thing? What are your thoughts?

Fire away! I will share my own conclusions later in the week.

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