Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Encouragers needed and commanded!

I am posting a link to a post written by Perry Noble that highlights a few things each one of us really need to think about concerning our role in the lives of others.  Critics are everywhere.  Not much of life is free from those who love to "put down" or share their perceived insight in yours or my life.  How do we handle these situations and what are we to do when they occur?

Our Sunday night Table Talk sessions have been focusing on this.  This past Sunday, my wife Heidi also led in a great discussion concerning encouragement and our command to do so.  She had no idea that I had been covering that topic and hit a home run in wrapping it up so well.

This article here is another added extra in the much needed understanding of our command to encourage one another and not tear down.

You can read it here!

And for those wondering - I do not agree with all that Perry Noble does or thinks.  He just got this one right!

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