Sunday, November 13, 2011

How times have changed Part 2

Just in case you think that things in America are not as bad as some are saying, the following article sheds a little more light on the subject.  It is ironic today that everything Christians stand for and everything patriotic Americans stand far, when deemed in conflict with a foreign group, is allowed to be disallowed!

An article you can read hear spotlights this incredible movement in America.  At first glance many could reason with premise that if wearing a flag causes disruptive behavior then...!  However, think about it for just a moment.  If being an American and celebrating being an American is disruptive, one might ask to whom?  The answer - those not Americans.

The irony of using the freedom in America that was paid for by thousands of American men and women losing their lives, to prevent the celebration of America over another country and way of life is to much to pass on.  Granted the Judge in this case is clearly NOT America oriented in his thinking.  But more scary is the fact that this judge is NOT alone.

Here is a thought - try going to Mexico and celebrating the 4TH of July openly.  Try going to Cuba and doing the same.  No way!  This would not be allowed. 

But here in America, fear is now the tool being used to trample our freedoms and transform this country into something it has not been. 

Do we really realize how much times have changed?  What if my preaching on Sundays offends.  Will they come after us next?  Mark my words, those days are here.

How indeed have times changed!

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