Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Standards Multiplying

Life is getting more and more complicated.  Calls ring out for inclusion.  Pleas are made for love and mercy, acceptance and equal protection.  Standards once thought to be grounded in cement are now shown to sit atop sinking sand.  What is taking place in America and American Christianity?

The clear visual for us today is seen in the uprising over Chick Fil A.  The owner of the company, a private company, speaks his mind about what he believes to be true, and mainstream media outlets go ballistic.  People who practice the freedom of speech suddenly want to attack the owner of a successful business for doing the same.  A boycott is called for of the chicken serving establishments. City officials are pressured to rule these establishments as unwanted in their cities.

So what has happened to free speech?

I think this is an honest question.  America has been under attack for years from the homosexual community.  No doubt that much has been gained by there attacks.  But how can this community of people use the rail of free speech and equal protection while denying the same to people who speak opposite.  Important in the thought process is understanding that Chick Fil A has never NOT served a homosexual.  They have never been accused of showing bias on any level.

This double standard is the result of compromises made over the years to the homosexual community.  It is a price that we will now have to pay and somehow work through.  We allowed a small group to gain a foothold in our decision process.  Chaos is now an everyday norm.  And there is not found a visible end anywhere down the road.  Honesty is passing from the Christian community.  In some circles today, what was once called homosexual activity is now passed as only battles due to previous life events.  When Christians accept the double standard, the path to deliverance and true freedom are lost.  When we allow this double standard to exist, we join the attack on the Gospel of Jesus and His Word.

How do we move forward?

I serve in a community that has one of the highest homosexual populations in all of Tennessee.  Homosexuals attend our services weekly.  I do not soften the Word of God as to the sin of homosexuality nor do I compromise limits for their involvement.  Yes I have been questioned on this.  Yes I get an occasional letter or email.  Once I even got a visit to the office.  But never have I ever been called unloving or homophobic for my beliefs and how those beliefs are taught and lived out on a daily bases.

People talk of building bridges these days.  We must remember that we cannot build anything of substance on sand.  Sin will not uphold the truth of God's Word.  Sin allowed and justified cannot a bridge of biblical ministry support.  Teaching the truth in love will drive a wedge often between people.  The bible says of itself that the Gospel is an offense.  Rants are not needed.  But neither should compromise be found in this discussion.  Many have come out of the homosexual lifestyle because of the work of God in their lives.  And this will continue to be the case if we keep the Word of God out front in this discussion.  The "if" is the key. 

How long will Chick Fil A hold out?  Will they cave in to the pressure?  I pray NOT!  For more is at stake than one mans right to speak publicly about his beliefs.  The whole foundation of allowing the Word of God to speak and direct on this subject is on the line.  If we lose this fight, we lose the path of sharing the Gospel to the American community as a whole - we lose our own credibility.  And that my friends will be disastrous.

Double standards multiplying are more serious than many think!  And the homosexual community is NOT the only place that this is occurring.

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