Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nothing has changed - only more clear!

Tuesday night did not show any kind of a change.  I am sorry for those who have wasted energy and emotions thinking that something changed.  I truly am.  The problem is now more clear than ever - America has been changing for years and we tried to deny it.  In fact, we neglected it!  Tuesdays results are the by product of the already changed America.  And it is NOT a political change that has occurred. 

Now what will we do about it?

Christians must realize quickly that elections ARE NOT our hope.  Never have been and never will be!  My sixteen year old has now seen more anti-God Government in his life time than somewhat pro God Government.  Think about that for a moment.  This is not a new situation - it has been brewing for some time - since the 1940's.  The change has been occurring.  It is now just clearly being seen!

The problem?

American Christianity has been the keeper and builder of the club rather than be on mission doing what God called us here to do.  I looked at the political maps last night and today and I realized something - they mirror the American churches.  We do not reach and have not reached the other people groups that God has sent to us.  And our society is showing this in a clear way!  Angry conservatives who tell people how to live will NOT change lives.  Angry Christians will not open doors for sharing Jesus with self righteous talk and name calling.  Our speech by the way is suppose to draw people to Jesus, NOT "push" them away.  Our cries from fear and frustration are only more signs that we are NOT sold out to the mission that God placed us here for.  We should be salt and light living lives showing agape love to all!  This we have NOT done!

The people of this generation ARE NOT being discipled nor reached!  We as Christians have not sought to love them and to make a difference in their lives.  Even the Bible belt of America is seeing the gap narrow. 

This coming Sunday I will be dealing with this subject in a straight forward way!  The message will be available here for anyone who cares to see what we as American Christians MUST change.

I just pray we do!


Our current generation is living, and thus will die, without Jesus!  Hell will be their eternal place!

And that is breaking my heart!


Tom Parker said...


Maybe yesterday's election results will refocus the SBC on sharing the Gospel.

Tim G said...

I pray it does for all Christians!