Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emotions and the effects thereof!

Mood swings are bad.  Emotions left unchecked to reality are far worse!  America is in an emotion overload and the effects should they continue, could be America altering for the bad!  Emotions are a God given reality.  They make us human.  They allow us to feel and avoid the horrific state of being a mere robot.  They have there place in our lives and they are needed.  But emotions were never given to lead us!

Right now emotions are ruining more than America may be able to grasp.  Emotions have become the political most favored path to accomplish irrational change.  Get emotions freely running, unchecked by common sense, and you can get people to do and say without thinking and make changes so lacking in logic and rational, that you can change an entire nation before anyone realizes it.

And this is the path America is currently on!

Emotions change priorities.  We feel and thus we act.  We change without ever taking the time to ask questions and evaluate completely what we are changing.  We just desire to do something because the feelings we experience push us for some activity.  But activity does not help our emotions long term.  We hope it will - but it does not.

The emotional issues facing America today are leading us as a nation to a point of total chaos.  And because the emotions are leading, we do not see the dangerous ending point.  I thought I would highlight just a few to bring us back to reality:

1.  An American is being held in Mexico and the American Government is doing literally little to effect his release.  He violated no laws and is a military hero.  Where is the outrage?

2.  Benghazi is still in coverup mode with added Tylenol for headaches due to concussion sustained without specifics on the cause of such.  We had military and Government officials killed.  Where is the outrage?

3.  The same Government that now wants to change the 2ND Amendment is the same Government that intentionally ran guns into Mexico in one of the worst debacles of US Government programs.  Many have died as a result.  Where is the outrage?

4.   Our Government has the time to create a new task force to look at changes to gun laws and ownership rights while putting little effort into the real danger to American life, the fiscal cliff.  And there is NO path to avoiding this cliff in sight?  Where is the outrage?

5.  It is beyond horrible to kill!  I cannot fathom the depth of grief that parents and family members are experiencing right now in Connecticut.  We as a nation with one unified voice have declared evil that was committed as such!   And now people are saying get the guns!  We cannot allow children to live in danger of such evil.  And yet, our nation murders millions of babies via abortion and few cry over the evil!  Where is the outrage?

America - we have a problem!  Our emotions are leading us to miss reality!  And the effects of this continuing will be more than I can even think.

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