Saturday, April 13, 2013

Are we awake?

Strange question to ask someone reading a post on a blog.  Obviously if one is reading one is awake.  The question actually applies to our awareness of just how quickly times are a changing.  For those of us who have accepted Christ, this change should have us wide awake.  Every aspect of our culture is experiencing radical redefining.  Christians and churches are not exempt.

When I look at my two sons, I wonder what in the world will they have to deal with in the days ahead if Christs return is delayed?  When I think of future grandchildren - wow the world will be different.  I am not as much scared as I am concerned.  I wonder if we realize the tools and grounding that will be needed to survive the coming turmoil.  We know that in Christ we are over comers and more than victors.  Yet our tool belts will need to be properly filled and we will need to be properly equipped to obtain the victory.  What is your like?

As we approach a new day of worship and spiritual growth, ask yourself some tough questions:  Are you prepared and are you equipping?  This is were we need to wake up.  The time is now.  Time to apply and reach as many as possible.  Time to prepare our children for their own children.  Time to make huge strides in adjusting our ministries to meet the above needs.  it is NOT time to live in fear and panic.  It is time to make the most of what God has given us and rise to the occassion. 

As we approach church tomorrow, or tonight, go awake!  Go ready to celebrate.  Go ready to grow!  If you serve in a ministry role - give it your all!  You are making a impact period!  Make sure it is a good one!

Yours and my future grandchildren indeed are the one's who's futures we are impacting today! 

Let's wake up!  See you in church!

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