Friday, May 10, 2013

Classroom Rant WRONG-Parents Please Read!

These days it appears the lessons of life are everywhere.  I have been asked via email my thoughts about the Texas student and his rant in a classroom caught on video and now viral to the world.  I actually saw the video yesterday and almost posted on it then.  I determined to see how the video would be protrayed and I also wanted to watch the local news from Texas to see further reporting and interviews.  Yes it still amazes me what the internet allows us to do!

Here is my take on this scene:

The Situation:
This event took place in a classroom.  A student is not happy about the quality of education and decides he has had enough.  The student disrupts the class and rants away.

The Problem:
Snce when did we become a people who applaud teenagers being disrespectful?  My father always says, even just the other night, "the end never justifies the means!"  I also seem to recall something about respecting those in authority.  I am sure I was taught that growing up.  Obviously this giy was not!

The Motivation:
Some say that it is the motivation that matters?  Not true.  No teenager should ever be applauded for the kind of behavior that this child lived out.  Even if the teacher is not doing her job, this type of solution is NO solution.  The rant makes whatever argument null and void.

The Real Lesson:
Excusing the behavior of this student highlights what is wromg in America today.  We are giving so many mixed signals in what is right, acceptable, tolerable, appropriate, and allowed to our teenagers.  To condone the actions in the video is to tear down the control and authority of the teacher.  The classroom cannot under any circumstance be subject to this type of behavior.  Who knows if the student has a point-he blew it by his conduct.  Surely we as Americans have not sunk so low as to justify this horrible example.  The classroom cannot become a zoo!

The Need:
We need to train our children at home in what is right and what is wrong!  I would have never been allowed to act like this growing up.  The punishment at home would have rightly been far worse than the punishmnet at school.  And rightly so.  Parents this video is a point of learning for all of us.  Children go to school to learn.  Teach them that at home.  Teach them how to act.  Train them.  Do not tolerate such behavior.

And in teaching them, model for them how to appreciate and respect their teachers.  Even the bad ones.  Not every teacher is perfect or motivating.  That is not the students problem to solve.  But every teacher is in fact placed in the classroom and should be given respect, period!

I thank God I had parents who let me know without any gray area what would happen if I chose the path to disrespect my teachers.  And I thank God for the many teachers who taught me through the years!  May you be honored and appreciated!

I sure hope we learn from this disaster quickly.  And to all who currently teach-thank you!  This is one Pastor who has your back!

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