Monday, May 20, 2013

Why the Trifecta of Scandals Should Matter to Christians

In a world of conflicting views about how faith and politics should interact we discover a defining moment in the current trifecta of scandals.  Benghazi, AP News Subpoenas, and the IRS targeting of individuals should be a wake up call to Christians in America.  For those who have had enough of the political involvement among evangelicals, you might want to revisit that thought.

First Benghanzi
How can any Christian condone the ease of which the Administration is brushing off the fact that 4 Americans died?  Where is the outcry?  Have we heard the reports of how these men were killed?  It was horrible! When an Ambassador is murdered along with other Government officials and we do not feel or see the outrage, we are in worse shape than many think as a country.  I find the Gosnell trial and little response on the horrendous acts of murder and the cover up of Benghanzi highlighting how pathetic our understanding is for the preciousness of life.  The endit movement to put an end to child sex slavery is important.  But we must remember it is equally important!  We must not forget that all life is valued and precious.  When the Government of our country so easily brushes the value of life away and when the President of the United States has the audacity to actually say to Planned Parenthood "God Bless You" - the evil we feared would come has actually already arrived!

Second AP/Fox News Scandel
A free press is vital to a free society.  A country that threatens and intimidates the press is a country where freedom is fleeing.   Christians should be the first to take note of such a dangerous course.  Yes we have had freedom for years.  Yes we have often abused such freedom.  But we cannot afford to allow such freedom to come to an end!  It is one thing to get beat - it is another to not put up a fight!  A move to control information is a move that will find itself seeking to control what is preached in churches across America.  Pastors are you ready for this climate?  Will you stand strong and preach the Word of God even if it means audits, harassment, and even jail time?

IRS Target of Specific People and Groups
This one gets to the core of the threat to the American way of life.  Did you read the title of this section carefully?  It was not only the Tea Party that got targeted.  Specific people were targeted.  I am told that more evangelical pastors have been audited under this administration than ever before.  When the IRS goes after specific people, America is no longer free!  This scandal ties in with the AP/Fox News scandal.  When the Government is allowed to target specific people due to their message and beliefs, while fast tracking and look away from others who are in agreement with the Governments position, you and I are seeing a day that has never ever been before in America.

And all is not over.  The fourth scandal will hit in October when we all discover that the overhaul of the healthcare system is a disaster unlike any we have ever seen.

Do Christians care?  When will we engage?  These scandals matter!  They matter more than you and I can even imagine!

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