Thursday, August 15, 2013

Christians and the Health Care Disaster!

There is no doubt that the American health care system has had problems - some severe - for some time.  When Congress passed the affordable Care Act a consistent even split of the population saw the law as being good and also as being bad.  These numbers have changed over the past few years as parts of the law, upheld and redefined, were implemented.  The majority of the population now realize that a train wreck is happening even as I type this.  Amid the political landscape are efforts to repeal or de-fund.   Politicians and pundits have raised millions in there efforts to do all the above.  On the other side is the marketing blitz that is firing up to convince young healthy Americans to purchase something they do not want.  If this group does not buy the pitch, the money issues are compounded beyond already not making sense.  The mess is clear.  The disaster is already selling popcorn for those watching - it will be some kind of show!

The Republicans in the house and Senate have washed their hands of the whole deal.  They continue to gain popularity among like minded individuals that simply want the whole thing to just go away.  After passage, and during the actually writing of the law (think on that one!), Republicans stayed far away from the mess.  The thought process seemed to be that it was time to allow the Democrats to own this thing.  Thus, no input to improving nor taming was done on the Republican side. 

Fast forward to just a few days ago.  Sen Harry Reid is giving an interview with PBS and makes the following statement when asked if the Affordable Care Act is the first step towards a single payer system:"Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.” Did you see that answer?  You can read about it here!  What does it mean?  Are we learning something that obviously was missed my many?  What is next?

Is it possible that the current law is designed to fail so that in default we are left with NO other option but a complete 1 payer system?  This scenerio is beginning to rise to the forefront.  Sen Reid surely voices that opinion.  And with this answer is a major understanding that most Americans calling for ending the Affordable Care Act must quickly understand.  You cannot unwind a law that has been partially implemented over a 3 year period in the tax code and in the Health Insurance industry.  What would you have left?  The old system has been dead for 3 years now.  The new system is being delayed and still written.  When the crash occurs, what is there?

Those men and women sent to Washington on our behalf who opposed it, stood by and failed to use their fiduciary responsibilities to make it as best a law as possible.  Why?  Follow the money!  They are raising millions daily! And when it crashes, they can stand and say "we told you so!"  But what about health care from that point on?  Why no alternatives?  How long will it take to fix the crash? What will the fix look like?

The American people have been sold out for political positioning by both sides.  You and I will pay the price for this.  We will be stuck with a mess and limited options out. 

Has no one noticed that the Democrats have not been sweating the outcome?  With delays and issues of implementing the law including the unions and within congress, present no sweat - no fear!  They know the end game.  They are fine if it crashes.  The Government will be in a position (and has been from the moment it passed) to regulate, control, and eventually own, the healthcare system.  Meanwhile, good meaning people think some miracle can occur with repeal etc.. If the law were repealed or ruled unconstitutional - what then?  The old system is gone!  The new system has been implemented with the Insurance companies and the tax code.  Again, try to unwind that and see how it works!

The battle for who we are as a country and what we will be moving forward begins at the point of the crash!  

Christians caught up in distraction issues such as recall and the like are being led down a path that drains resources and ignores the big picture of that which is to come in the near future.

The needs of millions of Americans will be at the forefront of this crash as all generations will be impacted and major changes to the American system as a whole will be required to clean up the mess.  And remember, the clean up will be not a total one.  Time required?  Know one knows!

For churches, our ministry will be vital!  Our leadership will be essential!  We cannot afford to be distracted by the politics of today and miss the hour of need tomorrow.  True Biblical Christian ministry will be needed like never before.  People will be hurting and needs will increase.

Are you ready? 

I hurt for those of us who will hurt down the road by the complete failure of elected officials on both sides.  I hurt for those who had placed their hopes in something coming that would finally help them and their families.  But I also know that God placed us as Christians here in America for this time!  Our mission and focus are being defined.

I just pray we realize it and get busy doing that which we are called to do rather than being distracted by that which only produces false hope and no real answers!

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