Monday, September 30, 2013

The Fear Factor!

When life changes at 2013 speed it is easy for fear to grip us in numerous ways.  If you take a step back from your busy life and list the many things that are specific to your life, the things that are changing with which you have no control, it can be frightening to see the fear factor.  Fear is found in every life.  And of late, fear is the leading emotion used by many to base decisions and reactions.

How can we live a life without fear?

The month of September found us studying this subject with our children's ministry and their parents.  Each week highlighted a moment in time from the Bible where God's people overcame the damaging emotion of fear and allowed God to bring about victory in their lives.  Such moments were seen with events unfolding that NO human being could ever do.  Things like the walls of Jericho falling flat.  The bravery of Joseph.  Moses being brave when the atmosphere was not conducive to such. 

The situations may change but the same God who has worked for hundreds of years is the same God who works today! 

Jehovah God is full of power and might.  He is all knowing.  He is caring, kind and loving.  No matter our situations, He is God, and He will bring His children through whatever struggle is before them.  God is God and will always be! 

In a recent sermon I made the statement "stop worrying, I have read the end of the book and we WIN!"  It is a statement that I have said hundreds of times in my ministry.  But this time it seemed to hit home more.  That got me to realizing something.  I began to see the depth of fear in the lives of many.  Is our constant siege producing such fear that we miss the foundational truth needed to press on in difficult times?

Living as a winner requires more than words.  But in the words "...we WIN" are found a truth that sits as a foundation for our lives, if we allow it.  The foundation is that God through Jesus paid for our victory.  In Him, we can overcome the reach of fear.  In Him we WIN!

Take some time to look at the following verses:
Isa 41:10; Isa 41: 13; Isa 43:1; John 12:15; II Tim 1:7

These are but a few of the many exhortations Biblically given to guide us through the fear factor in our lives. 

Though often people prey on our fears to manipulate and control us, God says we are to fear Him alone, and thus allow Him to defeat all other areas of fear in our lives.  Ironically, the one fear we are to have and do not, is the only weapon to defeat the grip of Satan and his use of fear in weighing us down.

Fear nothing but God Himself, and watch fear depart.  Fear God alone, and watch Him bring your life the victory that He has paid for! 

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