Friday, October 25, 2013

Don't Get Picked Off!

In honor of the World Series I thought I would use the baseball analogy as a title to show the real crisis facing America in the coming months with Healthcare.  Join me on a journey that highlights how many Americans are getting picked off by the politics with Healthcare and are actually going to be out as a result.

Delay it!
The law has already been incrementally implemented.  Insurance companies have already trashed the old and created the new, with higher premiums.  Delaying the penalty does not fix the problem!

Stop the Government from being in the Insurance Business!
Wait - they already do with medicare. Yet with the ACA they are not.  Insurance companies are the ones that people are to buy insurance from.  Problem, no one can afford it nor can they get access to it.  So what happens when the Insurance companies are not getting their premiums from over 65% of the people come January 1?  How long can they operate paying claims with such a great loss of premiums.  My simple math says it will exceed a shortfall of over $350 Billion in the first quarter of 2014.  Where will the money come from to pay claims?

We can just go back!
Go back to what? Politicians need to come clean and tell the truth that the old system is gone.  They might also want to admit that they have NO idea what to do with the real problem come March 2014 - no money in the system to pay claims!

Throw them all out of office!
OK, but who has a solution? This is a total change of the America you and I have known and there is NO going back.  Any solution will require Government intervention and controls for some time.  It is remember, 1/3 of our total economy.  It is not going to be a simple solution!

So what do we do?
That is a great question!  I am afraid that no one knows!  And that my friends is the real issue!  Our politicians and leaders have let us down. They walked away from or pushed this mess on us.  Both parties have sold us out.  They push their spin and continue raising money knowing that NO solutions are on the horizon.  They just want to get re-elected.

Do you trust them?
The polls say neither party is getting a pass.  Just wait until the above scenarios happen, and they will.  Who will you trust to fix the solution and what form of Government will it take to straighten out the mess?

One thing I do know.  I am seeing more clearly how anti-Christ will rise to power and the messes that will pave the way for his rise.  Desperation is growing daily.  Problem is, few are looking to God.  Funny how the one person who can help us is the one not being relied upon!

Remember, DON"T GET PICKED OFF!  The pitcher in this ballgame is more sneaky than the Red Socks pitcher using a foreign substance the other night in the World Series!

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