Friday, July 30, 2010

James White Bears False Witness

Tonight the Dividing Line internet program hosted by Mr. James White included a segment where he once again attacked me. I can easily get beyond his typical tyrant of calling people "emotional" and "naive" knowing that he uses these second and third only to calling people "liars" in that order. I am not into demeaning people to prove that I am right but I realize that this does occur. What I am against is being misrepresented and lied about. I had decided to not post on this garbage again but tonight realized that I could not allow Mr. Whites misrepresentation of me to stand. He crossed a line that no Christian should cross while claiming to call another to repentance. A person who claims to be a scholar and apologist should know and practice real research. Care should be taken to seek the truth by such a person.

Tonight, Mr. White showed that his research methods are more than lacking. In fact a caller that was announced by Mr. White as "being lost/dropped" evidently tried to clarify a point. And it was here that Mr. White revealed his carelessness and lack of thorough research; not to mention his absence of professionalism and Biblical conduct. Mr. White, this is not a game and this not about wining points.

What occurred?

Mr. White was trying to show that the only defenders of Dr. Caner are people closely tied to him and thus, emotionally charged and blinded to the truth (his version of the truth). He revealed that he had found a website that listed me serving on the Board of Directors of Watchman Fellowship with Dr. Caner. Thus it was easy to explain, in his mind and words, my emotional defense due to our closeness. According to Mr. White, the caller mentioned above, called to let Mr. White know that I had not served on the board of Watchman since 2009. Mr. White in making this announcement said the information was not relevant because all one had to do was to look at the web page and they would see the information for themselves that we had served together. He brushed off the information the caller must have given to someone before being dropped.

Yet when you see what was going on behind the scenes and know the real facts, you will see a major problem here:

1. I received an email letting me know that Mr. White was indeed going to use me in his program.

2. Mr. White was notified that indeed I had not served on the board since early 2009 via email.

3. Mr. White did not acknowledge the email response that stated the above.

4. I was indeed listening to the whole thing as it unfolded.

5. The email sent to Watchman was sent just before the program began. Christ-like?

6. I was never called or emailed.

7. His only research was an internet search. He took the information of his search and presented it as fact and reason for me defending Caner.

8. He failed to clarify the specifics that he had been given and remember he excused them when a caller tried to clarify.

But there is more. Had Mr. White done his research beyond a mere internet search, he could have easily discovered that which totally disproves his presentation and misrepresentation of me. Had he common courtesy and professionalism he would have called or emailed me with time for response. Neither was done. Integrity would demand that if you are going to accuse someone of something you would at least seek to have a first hand understanding of that which you were presenting and would know that your facts were indeed accurate. His intent was to simply malign me.
What he did was bear false witness against me and completely misrepresents me and my connection with Dr. Caner. For you see, at no time during my serving on the Board of Watchman Fellowship did Dr. Caner and I simultaneously attend a meeting. More, during my and Dr. Caners tenure on the board, I never had any contact with Dr. Caner relating to the ministry of Watchman Fellowship or anything else; I never spoke with or emailed Dr. Caner at all regarding anything. There was no contact. None!

Mr. White fabricated the whole connection thing. There is no excuse for such. He has no knowledge of that which he presented tonight beyond his computer screen.

Internet searches do not make for research. In this case, they actually led to Mr. White bearing false witness against me and Dr. Caner. Why? In his drive to impugn me and others, while destroying Dr. Caner, he obviously spends considerable time simply scouring the internet for anything that will help his cause with little care or effort to seek if it is true, complete, or even relevant. This is not research. It is an inside glimpse into the mess that he continues to promote. It is common among several bloggers to do the same. He is not alone. But this does not make it right.

When people make the claim, "research has revealed", one better question the research. Mr. White has proven that research does not always mean real research. The information being shared to prove a point may indeed be nothing at all and just might be totally wrong and fabricated.

I find myself at a loss in understanding why Mr. White has not emailed or called me to verify his supposed inside knowledge of me and my motivations, state of emotions and personality. This is not the first time he has mentioned me in such derogatory manner.
He does not know me nor does he closely know anyone else who knows me. One can only wonder why a Christian would attack another in such manner and carelessness for truth and reliability. But we all need to grasp with clarity the seriousness of bearing false witness against a brother or sister in Christ; or anyone else for that matter. My conversations with Dr. Ergun Caner have been minimal at best until this year. But Mr. White did not know this. In fact, had he integrity, he would have researched this before attacking me as emotionally tied to Dr. Caner. His presentation about me tonight thus, was a total lie. It was an intentional fabricated conclusion based on internet searches only. No facts were contained at all beyond the one that I did serve on the Watchman Board as did Dr. Caner. Everything else was assumed. And it was assumed wrong.

Think about what occurred tonight. Mr. White brushed off the "lost" caller and the point of the above while continuing to promote his fabrication to his listeners the segment about me. Mr. White did not know that Caner and I were never at a meeting together nor did he research it. He simply assumed. Mr. White was bearing false witness. He made up a charge to strengthen his points of discrediting people who stand with Dr. Caner. He used "Enquirer" type tactics in informing Watchman of the program content by doing so as the show was beginning. He failed to inform his listeners that he had no knowledge of me and that his research and conclusions were merely leaps of assumptions birthed in limited internet research.

I have been misrepresented many a time for stands I have taken over the years by people who do not know Jesus and some who do. But never before tonight has a Christian or lost person so misrepresented and bore false witness as Mr. White did in such a public manner. It is a revelation into his methods and tactics that are appalling. It makes one wonder about his attacks on others?

But I think the real question is "What on earth would motivate him to stoop to this level?"

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