Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mature vs. Arrogant

Life is full of lessons. Teaching moments come at us from every angle. For a person to be taught, some maturity is required. I think this holds true even more so as we grow older. Maturity recognizes the need for continued learning. Maturity knows from old lessons that there is much still to learn.

Arrogance is totally the opposite. Arrogance portrays itself as the one who knows better and often more and obviously applies this in thus trying to teach others. Arrogance is an absence of humility and an unwillingness to admit that wrong could apply to one's own life.

Today arrogance is running wild. We see it growing in supposed Christian circles. People have fallen in love with pointing out supposed sin in the lives of others but will deny and excuse sin in their own life. The spiritual arrogance of today is worse than cancer.

This week in the adult track of our VBS I was privileged to watch spiritual maturity win out over arrogance. I watched a group of older adults learn about the culture of today and how ministry must be focused. They were challenged with a world that does not make sense to them and yet willing to learn. Why?

Maturity in spiritual issues always revolves around a simple principle - People Need Jesus! When one is mature enough to know this, it changes everything. Our arrogance is chopped when we see the need the need of others. Our desire for spiritual self elevation crumbles when we realize the lostness of the world and the call on each of our lives to share Jesus in this lostness.

Are you mature or arrogant? Do you spend your time pointing out the faults of others are ministering the Gospel of Jesus? May God grow us more mature!

Arrogance loves to attack. Maturity fights for the individual!

Romans 9: 1-3 is the perfect picture of spiritual maturity!

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