Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When we do ministry

This week we are in hosting our annual VBS which includes an Adult track. In the past we have brought in people to do studies on special subjects. This year I felt led to do a Vision 20/20 series. So I am breaking down each aspect of the church and leading in discussing the needs both spiritually and physically of each area. I love the discussion and I really love the catching of the vision that is taking place.

Our discussion so far has uncovered a great truth that I have not been able to get out of my head. There are many people in the pew who are tired and frankly sick of all the fussing and fighting that churches can be known for. I was shocked to hear this aspect shared from all generations. We currently have no major issues in our church which makes it a peaceful experience. We get along and when we do struggle with understanding, we work it out. But though I knew this was not the case in many churches, I never realized how adamant people in the pew were getting about this bad behavior.

As we have been sharing the needs of ministries I have once again been filled with the awesome truth that I think we each need to regain and live in. It is a simple truth. It is a powerful truth.

If we would all get busy reaching people with the Gospel, we would discover that we have little time left for fussing and complaining.

May we apply this truth and reap the fruit!

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