Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Baptism Lessons

Today we were honored to baptize at a lake. The first picture is easy to see what was taking place. The second picture is actually misleading. It is a picture of people gathering for the event and yet it does not show the reason for this post.

Our people were pumped. I like doing things like this for many reasons. But I learned something unique that I think will stick with me for a long time. The above pictures are just a few of this event. What you cannot see was the one thing that really caught my attention.

As our people began to walk to the area of the lake for this event, people in the lake from all sides stopped what they were doing and began to gather with us. I did not notice this at first. My Associate made the comment about what was taking place as I was speaking to a few people waiting for all of our people to join us.

It dawned on me why this was unique. We get so caught up in telling people why other people aren't interested in church and yet an outdoor Baptism caught their attention and led them to stop what they were doing and join us. People are interested in the work of God and still respect the carrying out of Baptism - even at a State Park.

I wonder why we focus so much on church y stuff and don't realize that people will care when we live out true Gospel change and down to earth Christianity. It sure caught my attention. The respect and even applause came from more than our people.

Just a thought!

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