Saturday, August 28, 2010

Which group are you in?

The idea of grouping people is just as natural as rain and sunshine. Each one of us possess certain qualities and approaches to life. There will be others in this life who are similar to us and thus a group for identity sake etc. is easy to form.

In Nehemiah chapter 3 we see a listing of many who put their bodies to work. The state of Jerusalem was horrible. As Nehemiah had been called by God to lead out in the rebuilding of this city (and more) we are given a specific list of those who worked and what that work was. Also mentioned in this chapter is a group of people who WOULD NOT WORK.

No one could deny the state of the city. No one could deny that something had to be done. But how could a group of people with a background such as "nobles" sit and watch while others jumped in and went to work? Is there a lesson here?


There will always be those who do nothing. The nobles could have done long before Nehemiah. They could have prevented the much of the decay. They could have used their influence to rally the people long before Nehemiah chapter 3. But instead they did nothing and continued doing nothing.

You and I are in groups naturally. The key for our growing life with Christ is to make sure that we are NOT in the do nothing group! I would rather be a stepping stone than stumbling block! I would rather be part of the solution than to be a mere critic on the sidelines doing nothing and helping no one.

Which group are you in?

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