Sunday, October 10, 2010

Calling Out the Discord Sowers

I have been preaching through the book of Nehemiah. This is my fourth time in 22 years. I never grow tired of the lessons contained in this great book. In fact, I am learning more this time than ever before as we walk through each verse and each chapter.

The story of Nehemiah is awesome. How God used this little man to do God size things is so encouraging. This current series has brought home how easy it is for God to work and how purely apathetic we American Christians have become. When I think of the task Nehemiah accomplished and then look at what little we do today - it is pathetic for us. And yet Nehemiah had challenges.

The past two weeks we have been hanging out in chapter 4. What a chapter it is. It dawned on me tonight as I prepare to close out chapter 4 and move in to chapter 5 next weekend that Nehemiah faced discourage rs like so many of us do every day. It also hit me that the leaders of the discourage rs were the "religious" leaders. How ironic.

I think it is time for us today to call out the people of our day who discourage and wreak havoc on the work of God. I understand that things in life and ministry need the critique of others - it can be helpful if done correctly. But what is NEVER helpful is when people attack and attack some more just to take cheap shots at some person or group. And there is much of this taking place today.

Our families are plagued with the sin of discord. Our churches are becoming crippled by discord. Conventions and Denominations have more than their fare share. Discord is growing without an end in sight. Just read the blogs! I wonder when if ever on earth, we will finally realize that this type of petty human focused griping NEVER accomplishes anything spiritual at all. It spreads the sin of discord more rapid than a forest fire and it exalts self more than it exalts the one true God.

So here is my challenge: Call out the sowers of discord in your life. Label them and stay away from them. Spend your time encouraging and exhorting those who God places in your life's path. Build up the people you encounter each day in person and electronically.

Proverbs 6 reminds us that God hates the sowers of discord among the brethren. In fact, he calls those people an ABOMINATION! I do not want to end up in that group!

Do you?

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