Monday, October 4, 2010

Health Care Reality and Sticker Shock!

If you Pastor an SBC church and use Guidestone for your Health Insurance you are probably in need of medical attention by now. This weekend packets announcing the 2011 prices hit the mail box with a bang. The new health care law reality is higher monthly premiums and I do mean higher.

According to emails and phone calls just this weekend and today, the average increase in medical premiums is between 31 to 40% per month. Yes you read that correctly. Mine was over 35% and no options appear as of yet to assist this increase. Either way I go, I will be taking a major pay cut this year.

In a conversation with one insurance man today, it was clear that what was sold to America was totally wrong. Premiums are up to stay and then taxes will be up after that. The options for my family are few and far between.

In the coming days I will be exploring alternatives and sharing some of the information if I can find any worth sharing. The real question is simple - what will churches do when they see the increase that hits January 1 for their staff?

This ain't gonna be pretty!

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