Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Above all else...

A series of events, meetings, phone calls, and other communications have got me to thinking about our positioning of Christ in our lives.  For those who claim to know Him personally we immediately declare that He is #1!  We shout it, like it on Facebook, and do all types of simple things to reiterate that point.  Is it really that easy?  To actually live with Christ in the position of Lord over all our lives is a deeper understanding and activity.  And thus this post!

The phrase "Above all..." has really jumped out at me as I have preached through the book of Ephesians.  In fact it is mentioned five times in this one book.  Five times in six chapters.  That means something!  When we say Jesus is above all, a little inspection is then expected to see if our words are backed by our actions.  This reality should humble us.  What would our lives be like if Jesus was above all else?

From money to things we search for a source of peace, joy and purpose.  Lives are in turmoil in this pursuit while the obvious goes ignored.  Our mouths know the language but the implementation of our words highlight the void of our actions.  Placing Jesus as number #1 is so much more than words we say and songs we sing.  So much more that the Apostle Paul told the Romans that our reasonable service to the one who died for us was to daily present ourselves as living sacrifices - holy and acceptable to God.  Notice he did NOT say acceptable to men.

Our church is going to focus on this great need during the month of October.  But why wait?  Why not today do that which we say daily - live surrendered and sacrificed to the one who died for us.  Place Jesus above all else in our lives.

Where do we begin?

Start with these five areas.  Daily living in the reality of Jesus being above all else:
1.  In Stewardship - tithing and sacrificial giving like Jesus lived
2.  In Spiritual Growth - knowing we have never grown enough
3.  In Service to others - looking to serve not waiting to be served
4.  In Love for One Another - knowing God is love
5.  In Sharing Jesus - the only reason we are here on this earth

Let's put Jesus far Above All Else!

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