Thursday, September 15, 2011

America, Religion, and Christianity

In every corner and facet of American life the battle is being waged for the freedom of Christians to live in, teach, celebrate, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The following article should not be a surprise to us.  That people would want to keep the Word of God out of the schools, even as a historical piece of literature, highlights the animosity found in the American culture of today. 

With the power and might our nation once possessed the thought of it's erosion was not even on the radar of many alive today.  Christian influence was a given for many.  We were free and we attended church etc., we prayed in public, and we even were not afraid to speak publicly about our faith.  We missed something so clear and so huge that today it seems almost like the days of just 20 or so years back were hundreds of years ago.

American Christianity bought into the influence of Government and Politics more so than we did the living out of our faith in Christ and His transformation of our lives.  Our energies were focused on things other than real discipleship and true one on one evangelism.  We found comfort in arguing why our enlightened minds were accurate in our interpretation of Gods Word and our styles and forms of worship were more Biblical.  In fact, we built clubs more so than we built churches.

Articles like the one that follows magnify this reality.  We can no longer argue over statistics.  The facts are screaming at us.  And yet I am not sure that many of us are listening.  It is still easier for us to argue our preferred points than it is to live out the Gospel and join God is His transforming plan.  Weekly we live without even grasping that the majority of those alive in America have never seen a MIGHTY MOVE of GOD.  We haven't even cried out for it.

I encourage you to read the article.  This story is just one of many being lived out by Americans today.  As you read ask yourself as I asked myself:  "When will we realize that America has changed and it is we Christians who failed.  Our enemy is NOT all powerful.  We simply forgot the power of living a transformed life sold out to Jesus!  We lost sight of the mission - reaching people! 

It is NOT too late!  Jesus is still on His throne and He is still changing lives!

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