Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dont Ask, Trust Us! We are in trouble!

In the convention "vetting" of the Presidential pick by the Search Team of MWBTS we have an email sent out in response to a question asking the Theological leanings of the proposed candidate. The response simply says trust us, we got this, wait until the man is voted on to learn his Theology.  Was it not the Democrats in congress who said when asked what was in the health care bill to trust us, let us vote it in and then we will see what we actually have in the bill?  Just a thought!

The heart of my concern over such a response goes to the heart of the SBC - Cooperative Program giving.  We are hearing that giving is down due to the economy.  What we are not hearing is that churches are lowering their percentages due to SBC power plays as the email mentioned above reveals.  The people in the pews are losing faith in the SBC leaders at an alarming rate.


Little occurs from the SBC anymore that really meets the needs of local churches.  The only clear voice I hear week in and out is "send more money to the IMB and forget the rest!"  This voice is from the pews of the our churches.  Even retired missionaries are sounding this call at a shocking level.  Could it be that our institutions have lost the trust and faith of the people in the pew?

When one sits back and simply lists the events, the people placed into lead roles, the sealing of documents, the don't ask - trust us approach, one sees why few care anymore.  And if someone raises a question, that person is labeled as a trouble maker and quickly attacked in an attempt to silence their voice.  Last time I checked the above did not fit the definition of accountability. 

No doubt this type of maneuvering has been around for some time.  It is almost human nature when one looks at large groups that must somehow find a way to work together.  Yet no excuse should be allowed to triumph such a conduct.  The people in the pew are tired of the junk.  The people in the pew are fed up with their churches being forced into battles over theology they do not hold to.  The people in the pew will respond to missions and ministry.  They will reject political plays every time.

It might be a more prudent decision for the search team to answer the questions now, not later.  Dr. Allen and his family deserve better than this.  We live in the age of instant information and communication.  I thought our leaders knew this.  To role this selection out in a manner that does not reinforce the selection is institutional abuse at its finest.  If the search team truly believes this is their man, then they should be out front promoting and highlighting why they believe this.  We have seen and heard little.  Sad!

Instead, we are told NO ANSWERS, TRUST US.

I have one question:  Please tell me how we can trust when you handle the process in this manner.

I think more than MWBTS is at stake in this decision.  We are seeing in a vivid way why CP giving is dropping.  The real clue is not in the total dollars but rather in the percentage that a church gives.  The percentage is the key issue and it is speaking loud and clear!

Will someone wake up and realize the damage being done?  When only Pastors care about this stuff the problem is already bigger than we realize!


Matt Svoboda said...

The fact is "the people in the pews" really dont have any idea what is going on in the blogosphere and have no idea MWBTS has a new president, let alone his theological leanings.

Less than 20% of people in the pews even pay attention enough to be mad enough to withhold giving from the CP. Giving to the CP is not down because of these types of things. That is just something people say when they are mad things arent going how they want.

Tim G said...

I do hate to tell you but you are wrong-big time. People in the pews who care about SBC life do get the news from Baptist Press and the WMU network and so on. Blogs are NOT the only source my friend. Email and phone still work great! Thus your premise is totally wrong as is your conclusion. I write based on what I hear at my home church and from preaching around the country my friend. Your cheap shots and drive by tactics don't work here at all.

Have a great evening!

peter lumpkins said...


Thanks. A great word and hopefully a word the MPSC will consider. In addition, you are correct in your assessment of Matt's hollow correction. Guessing at percentages he knows nothing about, he comes across assuming, as do his many fellow YRR, that Southern Baptists in the pew are, for the most part, stupid, ignorant people who drive rusted-out pick-ups and marry their first cousins--a horrible disconnect with reality the social networking addicts fail to grasp.

With that, I am...

Tim G said...

I think you summed that one up perfectly! Have a great Thursday!