Thursday, October 18, 2012

Religion and Politics - At Critical Mass

It has now become clear that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has taken themselves down a dangerous path for political reasons.  The web site for BGEA has made a major change.  It is a sad change and one that we who believe the Bible and understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ need to note and speak against.

The BGEA has now removed the Mormon church being listed as a cult!

It is a sad day in the waning years of the evangelists life to see such political posturing rise above the life message of the Gospel that has been faithfully preached for many years.  I had so thought that Dr. Billy Graham would finish strong and show the world a strong modern example of such.  I think that day has come to an end.

Mormonism is NOT Evangelical and it never will be.  The way a Mormon believes they will enter heaven is totally different that what the Bible says - and the Bible is the authority on such!  I realize that politics in America is at a critical point.  I realize that America is being thrown down the tube by the current administration.  I know that this election is the first of many tough ones for Christians in America.  We failed to reach our nation and payment time has arrived.  But politics should never shape Theology!

I have placed my allegiance to and in the person of Jesus Christ - the one and only Savior.  It is only through repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior that a person can find eternal life with God in heaven.  And Americas need for a political change does not, nor can it change that fact. Mormonism is a cult.  It does not teach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am called to preach Jesus, and Jesus alone.  My political views do not change my theology.

Christians need to be extremely careful!  When we alter our convictions for our desired political gains, we lose more than a political victory!

I rank Mitt Romney way above President Obama in a political perspective.  I want President Obama defeated in this election.

But I will NOT change nor stray from the Gospel of Jesus Christ nor will I lesson my declaration of the application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the mere token of political gain!

This I cannot and will NOT do!

Jesus is the Lord and I will NOT sell Him out over anything!

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