Monday, June 24, 2013

Sharing Your Faith - Simple and Profound

Today's America reveals that Christians seldom share their faith in Jesus Christ outside of church circles.  In fact, the truth is that often in the functions and activities of the church, little is shared by anyone except key figures.  We hear of preaching to the nations but we hear little of sharing to the individuals we meet and interact with on a daily basis. 

We have retreated as Christians into our safe cocoons.  In ministry and life we only want the "Christian" brand and scene.  We have Christian schools, sports teams, hangouts, etc..  I asked a question in our Bible Study group yesterday that gets to the heart of this - how many non believers do you know and interact with in your life?  I remember growing up and attending public school that I was around many.  In public school I had teachers who were Christians.  They shared and cared and taught.  Yes there were a few that were not believers.  Yet there was a respect present.  During pewee football, we would load the guys up after practice and go to our church Revival meetings.  Most of the team was happy to go. 

Today, we discover the shelter approach being implemented by parents.  We talk about protecting.  We emphasis fear from evil influences.  We have withdrawn from the public and thus, rarely except within family do we find anyone that we have close relationships with that provide opportunity for sharing the Gospel.  We talk about events at church that we hope will attract people.  But we do not share Jesus with those we do not want to be involved in our lives.  One could rightly say that we have adopted a "cult like" attitude towards our faith and lives.  But not totally!  For in our version, we are NOT as faithful to our beliefs and to God as the cults are to theirs.  We miss worship and Bible Study for any reason.  We put things before God that cult members would never put before their beliefs.

We have forgotten the role that God placed us in here on earth - we are missionaries.  We have a calling to reach people!  Yes, we have a calling to preach to the nations also.  But our simple beginning starts with GO and share Jesus with all people!  We can send money for special projects and do offerings to support missionaries serving around the world but we are to also BE missionaries.  We are to care that people who die without Jesus go to Hell. it should disturb us that our lack of sharing has led to such an increase in people who have not seen a Bible nor have heard that Jesus died for them.  Why is there no remorse and sadness?

We are quick to tell people how to live and yet we are selective in whom we desire to attend church with.  It is easier for us to promote our soapboxes and feel good projects than it is to reach a world that needs Jesus.  Lives all around are falling apart.  People are experiencing things that many of us have never had to deal with.  Children are growing up in homes where the normal roles of parents are corrupted and the lack of love and interest from parents to their children screams from every direction.  And we as Christians just sit in our cocoons safe and feeling good.  We point out the evil.  We are good at that.  We attack politicians as if they really could or would do anything that could fix our issues.  But we keep Jesus to ourselves.  As Christians we only seek to practice the parts of the Bible that we like.  We are as selective with our faith as we are with sharing Jesus.  We create man made systems of theology that excuse our sharing and we seek churches that only emphasis the certain things we like to attend. 

Sharing our faith is simple!  The only requirement needed is obedience to God.  He promises that if we will be faithful, He will save!  The Gospel is profound!  The fact that someone loves us - period!  The fact that someone died for us!  The fact that we can avoid Hell!  The fact that God has given us a guide book that fits our lives no matter where we come from and answers our most difficult questions!  The fact that anyone can receive Jesus!  Profound may be to small of a word!  The Gospel goes beyond our understanding.  The Gospel is freeing!  The Gospel is life giving!  The Gospel is AWESOME!

So can we answer why do we not share it and live it?

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